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Mars Craters Research Project #1: Getting Started

This project is a Data Management and Visualization course assignment. All sources were made available by Wesleyan University on Coursera and were created on the basis of Planetary Surface Properties, Cratering Physics, and the Volcanic History of Mars from a New Global

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Starting to learn

Fortunately we have today a lot of possibilities and sources to learn new technologies. There are books, discussion boards, documentations and libraries, online courses and many more teaching aids. For sure you’ll find your own path and methods very easily.

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Data analyst job requirements

How to start this long journey to become a data analyst? After reading of job descriptions for this position I realized it will be certainly not easy. The job requirements are very high and it is impossible to have a

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Career crossroads and the new idea of being a data analyst

Hello, welcome to my blog! Here I would like to describe an idea of my new career path, which is becoming a data analyst, and the whole way to success (hopefully). I am not starting from the very beginning yet,

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