I’ve got a new job!

For the last 2 months I was looking for a new job. This time abounded in motivational and didactic experiences. I’ve noticed, that in the past few years when I had a job and I didn’t take part in recruitment processes, the culture of recruitment has gone far forward significantly. Many companies have now their own recruitment services, through which you can apply on your own. If your qualifications aren’t suitable for the role, you will get a notification, that your application won’t be proceeded this time. Sure thing, you don’t waste your time for thinking and hoping for an interview.

But there were also things I didn’t like very much. For example, working hours of HR departments. Regrettably, all interviews were appointed in normal business hours. I don’t know, do they really think the people will take a holiday leave in their current job to go on an interview which guarantees nothing? It’s an absurd!

Unfortunately, a lot of companies are looking for candidates for asap. It’s not my first job, I already have a professional experience and I am really surprised, that at this stage I am still treated like a student who can start work immediately. People have a notice period, though! If you are working longer in one place, it can be even 3 months. You should maybe change the job every 3 years…

On the other hand, a lot of job offers are hanging in job websites for many weeks or months. You have applied, but no answer. Now, you don’t know, whether someone just forgot about this job offer and it’s renewing itself every month automatically, or is it like one friend once told me: her team is terribly understaffed, they hardly get along, but the manager believes no one is good enough and he is still waiting for a perfect candidate. Yeah, every rather savvy person would already be a perfect employee after all these months.

There are a few my general comments on the whole recruitment experience. More details and more positive findings you’ll find in my report on sent applications, which I encourage you to read! 🙂

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