I’ve got a new job #2

After several general comments I would like to present a small report on the whole recruitment process. I’ve sent 77 applications during 1.5 month. It gives about 1.8 application daily. This result can be improved at the next opportunity. Applications were sent once a week: every Thursday I was searching for new offers from the last 7 days, on Friday I was sending them and beginning from Monday, I was answering phone calls. I believe this system worked well and next time I will also do it this way.

I applied for various job positions. They can be grouped as follows: Data Analyst, Business Analyst / Project Manager (IT), Supply Chain (this is what I’m doing so far), IT SAP System Analyst and Customer & Communication (roles related to e-commerce, SEO, content analysis). Percentage distribution of applications for those roles is given on the chart below.


I decided, that success is any positive contact from the company. In practice, I counted only phone calls and invitations for an interview. At the beginning I counted also answers on email, but mostly they were automatically generated notifications, that my application was received or that my application didn’t got to the next stage. Like I mentioned, it’s a nice habit, but has the same consequences like a lack of response.

‘No’ answer and lack of answer are marked in red in the charts. Blue is any positive contact from the company. Additionally there are also ‘yes’ answers distinguished in the first chart.


Actually, it’s difficult to compare the results with each other, because the numbers of sent applications in every job group differ substantially. There is a lot of coincidence here and the answers rate doesn’t mean anything. Next time, I will also prepare such a report though and then we will see if something will have changed, if I create a new CV and gain more experience in data analysis.

Regrading ‘yes’ answers: in the field of data analysis I got into mentoring programme for women Tech Leaders. I’m going to work on an analytical project with my mentor. It’s not a job in the strict sense, but it certainly lets me spread my wings. In the field of supply chain I got a regular job. It’s not exactly the direction in which I want to develop, but at least, when it comes to working in Excel, it will be a lot to learn.

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