A journey into the unknown with Tech Leaders

In my previous post I mentioned that I got into Tech Leaders program. Now, after a few months I would like to relate my experiences of doing something unbelievable, which I’ve never thought I will be able to do.

Tech Leaders is a mentoring program for women who want to change or develop their career path in IT. In every edition you can choose a mentor you will work with during next 4 months. Mentors are professionals who can help you with your career problem, teach you something, show you how their work looks like and many, many more. But it’s you who should define your expectations and frames of the collaboration, so that you achieve and learn as much as possible. For more information you can visit following sites and I strongly encourage you to follow this idea of mentoring:




I worked together with Monika who is an analyst, big data system designer and Python developer with 10 years of experience in IT. She was the perfect choice for my aims, because I wanted to learn more about data analyst profession and I’ve already started to learn to use Python in data analysis.

I developed a project for data collected from Twitter. The aim was to check, which ski brand was the most popular in users tweets in the last winter season. I identified 14 downhill ski brands. I found libraries tweepy and peewee written in Python and I used them to write a program that tracks all tweets with defined keywords, for example “Rossignol”, “Salomon”, “Atomic” or “Head” – simply the names of the ski brands and save them in a database. I also had to define other helping keywords connected to skiing, because „atomic” can be for example bomb or „blizzard” can be understood as snowstorm. You can’t even imagine, how many tweets per second you will get on keyword “head”! Then, I created a database which I worked out in SQLite. In the end, I prepared a report in Excel using different formulas. So, as you can see, I could use many different tools, like Python, programming language and PyCharm, the environment, SQLite database and Datum, the program for databases and Excel for data presentation.

Apart from learning a lot about collecting data and data analysis I learned a few rules of thumb, for example that database is not a pharmacy – it has no ready remedies for all your problems, sometimes you have to find a solutions on your own. Programming is not only writing the code, it’s also reading documentation of libraries – really a lot. And never delete data, always work on copies and always try to gather original data, because you can regret you haven’t done it.

In the next post I will present my findings, which are really puzzling and didactic. But before that, I would like to share with you this instruction, how to do the Tweeter Streaming project step by step. Thank you Adil, this is great!

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