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A journey into the unknown with Tech Leaders

In my previous post I mentioned that I got into Tech Leaders program. Now, after a few months I would like to relate my experiences of doing something unbelievable, which I’ve never thought I will be able to do. Tech

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I’ve got a new job #2

After several general comments I would like to present a small report on the whole recruitment process. I’ve sent 77 applications during 1.5 month. It gives about 1.8 application daily. This result can be improved at the next opportunity. Applications

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Data analyst job requirements

How to start this long journey to become a data analyst? After reading of job descriptions for this position I realized it will be certainly not easy. The job requirements are very high and it is impossible to have a

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Career crossroads and the new idea of being a data analyst

Hello, welcome to my blog! Here I would like to describe an idea of my new career path, which is becoming a data analyst, and the whole way to success (hopefully). I am not starting from the very beginning yet,

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